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Graffiti Protection

Prevention is critical

Anti-Graffiti film is an optically clear, distortion free film used for both interior and exterior glass applications.

The installation of Anti-Graffiti film helps protect glass surfaces from all forms of graffiti such as scratch tag and acid-etching for retail store fronts, public spaces, and any street-level glass. Other applications include protection for elevators, escalators, mirrors and glass tables.

Unlike the vast majority of film companies which typically install 4mil films, we always install 6mil anti-graffiti film because we know it affords the most protection against acid etch graffiti, scratches, and spray paint tagging.  Thus far the results have been amazing and we have yet to replace a film where the glass was damaged beneath. 

Many distinguished business owners and property managers regularly use our films and are not only elated with the protection provided but also appreciative of the cost savings realized.  If your windows are tagged, we quickly remove the damaged film and replace it without disruption to your day to day operations.